About Me

I have decided to start this blog in order to share my experiences with my attempt at a healthy lifestyle. I am usually sarcastic, not that funny, but honest. I will attempt to not offend people, but I do have some strong opinions and sometimes I will post them.
I am a 29 year old with no kids (not yet, don't ask) trying to build on the healthy lifestyle my husband and I have been creating. I have been a ginger/bigger girl my whole life.  In February 2011 we got sick of being fat kids and decided to join the gym. I started out hitting up the elliptical and ARC trainer like it was my job. It worked to get my motivation started until I could build up the guts and strength to start using weights and attending group exercise classes. It has been a crazy 2.5 years, but we have lost over 85 lbs together, and push each other every day at the gym and in life. I try to prepare food as low-calorie and high protein as possible while not sacrificing taste or portion. I try to do fun workouts both with our trainer and by myself. I have started running, which I am sure I will complain about. I enjoy exercise and the feeling it gives me as well as the strength from using kettlebells and weights.
My lovely husband and I also are distributors for Advocare. We believe 100% in the power of the products and the company that produces them. Please contact me at nicolemarie045@gmail.com for any questions!
Anything else...just ask :)