Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Too Cold to Function

So I ran a race right before Thanksgiving in 15 degree temps. It was an off road race that took 2+hours. I thought that was cold. Nope, meet 4 degrees today. Why do I live here?!

Either way, it's cold. But it's almost Christmas and I have hung up the race bibs until at least April. I don't do runny noses well. 

So this winter I plan on a whole lot of strength training with our trainer and preparing to dominate the world this spring. Clearly you know I mean complete a Tough Mudder. Yes, I am about 2 blocks past crazy town, but it will be a great accomplishment when it's done. If I don't die from freezing/electrocution/falling from really high/drowning. But, what's life without risk right?!

We are also preparing another group to start the 24 day challenge and I can't wait to see the results! Last time people rocked some serious body fat loss, so I am expecting even bigger changes with the new year.