Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Favorite Finds

We went to 5am Bootcamp today because I had really important things to do tonight to get a haircut. It was a kettle bell power circuit and it whooped my butt like nobody's business. But, it wasn't running so I will take it.

Alex also made some amazing yakisoba for dinner, but I enjoyed it so slowly inhaled it, I didn't get a picture. Next time.

A few of my favorite things are a good sale and not heavily processed foods. A couple things I have fallen in love with are this peanut butter.
Check out those ingredients. Peanuts. Less than 1% salt. Only peanuts. Isn't that something? And it's no more expensive than the other brands at Wal Mart.
I also discovered these protein bars. They range about 170-210 calories depending on flavor. No added sugars. No HFCS. 20g protein. Amazing. 

Now if I can just find an ice cream....