Thursday, July 18, 2013

Workouts With Your Spouse

Today our trainer posted a vlog about the benefits and downfalls of workouts with your partner or spouse. I know that for some people, including me at times, this does not work. For example, when we first started running, Alex and I would try to go on runs together. What this really looked like was me trying really hard and him fast walking. He is faster than me. I have now accepted that. We do races together yes, but he will beat me. Unless I trip him. I have come to terms with that and it has made our lives 100 times easier.
But on the other side, boot camp, kettlebells, RIPPED class, we do together. We push each other hard, rarely speak, sweat, make funny grunting noises, and pass out together. I would never expect him to slow down, use a lighter weight, or ease up on me. And he doesn't. It works out well and I truly cherish the time we spend together working out. It has made both of our lives better and our relationship stronger.

He still won't go to hip hop dance class with me. You can't win em all.