Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend in Chicago

This weekend I took my little sister to Chicago for a One Direction concert. My eardrums still ring from the screams. In all reality, it was a good concert and I know she had a really good time. I am glad I'm in good shape as we had lawn seats and had to run across the venue and up the grass hill to snag spots. 
On the way there we stopped at my favorite bakery from childhood in Cedar Falls that closed this weekend for good. This was my last twisty donut ever. Tear.

After that we drove through every small town in Wisconsin to go to Six Flags for the day. I forget just how busy that place is. We rode most of the thrill rides, and walked about 100 miles.

The two story carousel was awesome.

Saturday we headed to Tinley Park for the concert. 

It was hot. We paid $5.50 for a glass of water. But it was successful.
Sunday morning I did a treadmill workout I love when I am stuck with hotel fitness centers. It goes by really fast, and totals about 2.75 miles.
2 minute warmup walk at 3.5
Start at 4.0 and go in 1 minute sets, going up by .5 each minute until you get to 7.0. Then work your way back down to 4.0, and do that one more time. I then did 1 minute at 9.5 and a 2 minute cool down at 3.5. It works out to 30 minutes and a good workout. 

After a long 6 hour drive home I was ready for bed.

I saw this at Six Flags and it cracked me up at it's truth. 

Today we had the start of wrestling week at Bootcamp. Our workout was:
30 seconds to do 5 burpees. The faster you do them, the more you rest until 30 seconds is up. Repeat for a 4 minute set, then rest 1 minute. Repeat 2 more times. Total of 120 burpees so far. Then, 5 minutes of continuous burpees. Then a 5 minute cool down jog. I've never been so close to barfing in a workout. But I held it in, so I deserve a cookie or something.