Monday, June 24, 2013

Advocare Cleanse Day 1

Today was the start of our 10 day cleanse from Advocare. It is the first 10 days of their 24 day challenge that seems to be the way most people have heard of the product. We decided to do it to rejuvenate and try to lose a couple stubborn pounds. Basic premise is: lots of fruit and veggies, protein, complex carbs. No dairy, bad carbs, coffee, soda, or alcohol. Sounds easy enough right?
You start day 1 with a wonderfully chunky fiber drink. Listen to me when I tell you this one. Mix that baby with 8 oz of Trop50 OJ, shake it up fast in a shaker bottle, open the throat and down it fast. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. This is the way to get it down only tasting like pulpy orange juice. You let that stuff sit and it looks like jello. No thanks. 
For breakfast we had a half grapefruit with 1/2 cup egg whites. 3 hours later I had a Granny Smith apple. For lunch I had a salad with grilled chicken and all natural salad dressing with some baby carrots. 3 hours later I had a rice cake with all natural peanut butter. Then for dinner we made this:
Turkey taco lettuce wraps with home made pico, salsa, roasted asparagus, and steamed brown rice. It was delicious. Later I will have 1 cup of grapes and the cleanse pills before bed. So really it's a lot of food for a cleanse, just have to make sure to avoid the high processed foods. I only went into the middle aisles of the grocery store for salsa and dressing. That was an eye opener! I felt a little tired today, and the fiber drink is quite unpleasant. Other than that, I took my weight and measurements this morning so I'm excited to see where it goes.

And drink a summer shandy in 9 days.