Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pinterest and Bootcamp

Today was the last day of testing for summer Bootcamp at my gym. Basically shelling out a small fortune for Alex and I to get our butts handed to us 4 days a week. We do testing week 1 (this week) then again at the end of summer to look for improvement. In theory, I will be able to lift 500 lbs in a few weeks, so I'm not concerned. Tonight we did walking lunges with a 35lb kettlebell, overhead reach situps with a 25 lb kettlebell and perfect pushups to exhaustion. I reached it quickly, that's for sure. Onward!
I get inspired off of Pinterest every day, but due to laziness/lack of time/lack of money, I don't always get it done. This time, I took the concept and ran with it. For $11 I made a bib/medal holder for my race things. Here she is:

Yeah, I know. It's awesome.

But on Etsy they cost about $40, so I would say for $11, that was a success. All I used was:
A wood block from Hobby Lobby 
Metal screw hooks from Hobby Lobby
Black matte spray paint from WalMart
Fun letter stickers from Hobby Lobby
Picture hook for hanging from WalMart

Super easy, and now I can stare at that Dam (to Dam) medal every day like it deserves.

For dinner I made a modified version of this Jalepeno Popper Chicken from Skinnytaste. I just subbed in fat free cream cheese, left out the bacon, and used weight watchers cheese. Super creamy and delicious with about 40g of protein.  I forgot to take pictures because I was too busy calmly eating stuffing my face. 

I also am now dreaming about this book. I need to finish it tonight before I completely lose it.