Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend of Food and Fun. Mostly Food.

So we are finally on our way back from Chicago. I realize the title of this blog includes the word "healthy" so you will have to excuse my food porn from this weekend. Seriously, there is nothing as good as Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder by the Lincoln Park zoo. The Mediterranean bread and their pot pie pizzas are enough to make me give up any other food group or run 10 miles to burn it off. This was our friends' first time there so they also feel the same. We all will dream about it for days. 
We tore that bread up.
That is what they look like before and after they put it on your plate. 
Since it WAS only lunch, Alex and I shared. It lasted about 3 minutes on my plate.

We went to the FREE Lincoln Park Zoo, Navy Pier, and out for some cocktails as well. 
We are on team awesome. 
Flamingos are pink, therefore awesome.

We stopped for a drink on Navy Pier as it was beautiful out.
Alex is man enough to have fruit garnish on his drink.

Our friends took us to Cozy Noodle for dinner, and it was the quirkiest little place. It has awesome Thai food and we had these amazing shrimp rolls.
Here are some pictures of the decor. The Pez bathroom was my favorite. And the King approves of equality.

On the way back to the hotel we noticed they had made the buildings glow red as the Blackhawks won game 5 last night.

Now we are almost home and starting day 1 of the Advocare cleanse tomorrow. So no more pizza, popcorn, or ice cream pictures. More like fruit, vegetables, and salad. I keep telling myself it will taste the same...right?