Saturday, June 29, 2013

Advocare Cleanse Day 6

Started out my day with a RIPPED class at the gym. The instructor was someone I had never had before and it was a chaotic jumble. My workouts are one of the few times I get in my zone and focus, and if I can't do makes me grumpy. But I sucked it up and survived. 
I headed back to my hometown today to prepare for a 5K tomorrow in Cedar Falls. It was the first day I had to go out to eat on the cleanse and man, it was rough. I also survived this: 
I had to bake cookies for my grandma in the nursing home because I make them better than anyone else. No lie, she tells all her friends. I am like the Betty Crocker of the nursing home and I wear that title proudly. 
My sister and I went to Panera for lunch. I got the Fuji apple chicken salad sans cheese and pecans with an apple. I only wanted to tackle her for her baguette a little bit. For dinner we went to Texas Roadhouse. God help my soul on those rolls. I have no clue how I found the strength to avoid them, but I did. I ordered grilled BBQ chicken breast with a side salad (no cheese) and a baked sweet potato. My one cave was a teensy bit of the cinnamon butter I put on my potato. But other than that...success. Man, it's hard to watch everyone eat bread without me. I never thought I would be craving bread and cottage cheese. No ice cream, cookies, candy....just a flippin sandwich. But I still feel great! 
I helped dad make some home made pork tenderloins tonight. It looked more like a murder scene, but it was a good time.
I will gladly eat those...soon. Off to bed for an early race wakeup tomorrow!