Friday, June 14, 2013

Random Thoughts Friday

Last night was the end of the first week of boot camp. It went about as well as my sore body could manage, but I'm feeling ready for this summer. I managed to do a straight arm hang for about 30 seconds, so at least I'm as strong as most house cats. Alex made some bomb diggity pizza for dinner. Eating at home CAN be just takes some time. He's a man, so recipes are merely suggestions, but this is the basic idea:

Thin crust, whole wheat crust
3/4 c Ragu pizza sauce
3 slices center cut bacon, pan cooked and chopped
1 c velveeta shreds pepper jack cheese
White onion, cut in rings
1 serving turkey pepperoni
Sliced baby Bella mushrooms

Follow crust baking instructions...and devour.

Clearly, toppings can be altered to basically anything, but ours was 162 calories per slice with 9 g of protein. And delicious. 

Tonight is my first book club meeting over the Amanda Knox autobiography. Let me tell you, that girl got a bad wrap. No actual evidence against her, yet imprisoned for 3 years? Taking Italy off my vacation list.

I leave with this note, which I find to be hilarious....yet true.